22 avril 2016

Welcome !

How far are we going to travel without money?

Why are we willing to travel without money?

Both of us love travelling. We think it is a great way to open the mind, to learn from others and to go explore the world and discover yourself. However, lots of people perceives money as a limit. We want to prove, in the extreme, that travelling is not a question of money but rather a question of desire, will and motivation. Moreover we want to show that there are many alternatives in order to travel for less money and then with less environmental impact.

We are facing a materialist society where money leads to waste, materialist happiness, temporary pleasure… Human values which we could not buy such as: solidarity, trust, share, fraternity, empathy, are not bought by money. Refusing to spend money is a way to force us to have human contact and, as well, permits us to rediscover human values which we defend and would like promoting.

Starting point: day and place? Route?

We are planning to leave on the beginning of May from Haute-Savoie, the area where both of us come from. We are steering in the Balkans direction but we have no idea where we are going to end the trip neither when we are going to end it. Our adventure should last a minimum of two months as our project was created from our courses in 3A School. We need to do a kind of internship to validate our year. We met at this school which focuses on social innovation and humanitarian sectors. Both of us did a gap year in a foreigner country which really taught us a lot. We were confused that many people do not know what travel consist of. We would like to make this people aware to this enrichment and to the fact that there are alternatives to spend less money while travelling.

How are we going to travel without money?

We already have some ideas to exchange without money with regard to eating, sleeping, moving…for example: hitchhiking, hitchsailing, couchsurfing, wwoofing, donations, exchange of services, recycling and bartering. We are planning to use these alternatives but we wish to find and create others during our trip.

Carbon offset?

We envisage to give one seed to each person who has helped us during our trip. We are conscious that without these people our trip would be difficult. It is a way to thank the kindness that people would give us. Those plantations will be used to reduce our emissions of carbon even though there are minimized by our non-consummation. 

Future awareness?

Our reports will consist of a short film and a Notebook-Pictures which will represent our alternatives found, our difficulties, our route, our advices, our personal evolution… At the end of our trip we want to share our adventure with people who believed in our project and supported us. Moreover we would like to make people aware around us on the pleasures of travelling and show different alternatives that exist. Our reports will facilitate this awareness.

Adventurously yours !

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